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Listen to Boing, Boing football song free, West Bromwich fan chant lyrics. A WBA soccer chant. West Bromwich Albion supporters celebrate with a ' boing - boing ' and belt out 'The Lord's My Shepherd. FAN CAM: West Bromwich Albion fans ' boing - boing ' and sing 'The Lord's My Shepherd' - Duration: 5. West Bromwich Soccer Football Forward. This might be utter crap of fifa futsal world cup. So why do we have that bit on our name? As you'll see, definitive answers are sometimes rather hard to come by - especially for some of the things that have been going on for many years. We Are Albion Chant. However, as Mick Jones points out, in "The A-Z of Albion" Tony gives some alternative reasons for the nickname: When the Stripes Go Marching In Chant.

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Someone wrote in asking why West Bromwich Albion were called the Baggies, and presumably an Albion fan wrote back to say that the name actually stems from the fans. The one we run out to in the second half is "Sandstorm" by Darude, which was also a hit a couple of years ago. But read on and you'll find that nobody seems to have a definitive answer as to why This gave a bulky appearance to the patch, so labourers with these patches were generally called Baggies, as they looked like flour bags, and hence the taunt from Villa supporters back in the last century. The name was coined by Mike Thomas, then Treasurer of WBASC, who witnessed Villa supporters in the old wooden stand Trinity Road clapping at arms length, stamping the wooden floor at the same time while shrieking in a falsetto voice "Villa! Albion is, of course, an ancient name for Britain, but by that logic all teams would be called something or other Albion.


FAN CAM: West Bromwich Albion fans 'boing-boing' and sing 'The Lord's My Shepherd'


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